Company News: RapidsDB Is Enlisted As A New Member of INCITS

RapidsDB is enlisted as a new member of the Data Management Technical Committee of  INCITS. The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) is the central U.S. forum dedicated to creating technology standards for the next generation of innovation.

The Data Management Technical Committee is focused on the development of U.S. and international standards in data management and interchange with an emphasis in local and distributed information system environments. Current member companies include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intel, SAP, Alibaba, Snowflake and other 36 professional data management enterprises. As an authorized expert, RapidsDB will actively participate in the development of international database standards, covering technology areas of storage, access, update, interchange of data, and so forth.

INCITS members are mainly technology developers, producers and users of cutting-edge technologies. They work together and leverage their expertise to create consensus-driven, market relevant standards for the tech industry. The standards offer a strong foundation for future information technology structure while the international community enables top-notch tech companies and professionals to design the foundation for globally accepted, highly interoperable products as well.