Dynamic Query Optimization Whitepaper

Technical White Paper: Dynamic Query Optimization


The process of analyzing the query and its data to determine the best plan is called query optimization. Query optimization often involves rearranging parts of a query plan. The order in which the various operations occur can be very significant for query performance. The best order depends on the size and makeup of the data involved. Query optimization is a common feature of many relational database management systems (RDBMS). As a federating query system, RapidsDB may be called upon to integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources in a single query. As a result, this makes a query optimization process different than most database management systems

RapidsDB Federation Connectors are deeply integrated into the query optimization process, allowing them to guide optimization decisions based on backend data statistics. Connectors are also able to control how work is delegated to underlying data systems using the RapidsDB "Adaptive
Condensing" model. This allows RapidsDB to take maximum advantage of the capabilities of federated data sources.

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